At Free Spirits Music, kids practice with other kids that totally inspire them. But in regular guitar lessons, they'll practice alone.

#2: Kids get motivated fast by writing their own songs.

At Free Spirits Music, kids learn chords, rhyme schemes, song arrangements, foolproof vocal techniques, and how to appreciate other people's ideas. But in regular guitar lessons, kids usually learn chords by just playing other people's songs.

#3: Play a rock show every 6 months.

At Free Spirits Music, kids wanna show up every week to rehearse for their gig - and there's always a gig. At a real music venue. With a real band. But in regular guitar lessons, kids just show up every week with no goal in sight.

#4: Kids identify themselves as a profound artist with ideas worth sharing.

At Free Spirits Music, instructors are trained to teach guitar + vocals as a way to cause breakthroughs in confidence and self-expression. But in regular guitar lessons, you'll probably learn guitar just because you wanna learn guitar.

#5: It drives us crazy to see kids get confused - so we promise they won't.

At Free Spirits Music, guitar and ukulele are never frustrating - it's actually surprisingly easy because we use stickers to help you navigate the fretboard. But in regular guitar lessons, kids may be told to just push through the frustration.

#6: What your kids say matters. They have a voice.

At Free Spirits Music, kids learn to play chord progressions and sing melodies that THEY dreamt up. But in regular guitar lessons, they might be resigned to learning random progressions, scales, chords, and melodies.