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High Performance 1-On-1 Coaching With Stephanie Carlin

For brilliant singer-songwriters,
musicians, creators, thinkers, & artistic leaders

A brilliant artist like you should not have to WORK so hard TO EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY.

Do you often feel:

>> You struggle to not be angry at yourself for not having original ideas?

>> It's getting harder & harder for you to write something you're proud of?

>> Secretly heartbroken that your dreams are stalled & gathering dust?

Being an artist can take a lot of effort...
but it doesn't have to consume every waking moment.

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listen to it.

You've probably read a small library's worth of books on your craft.

You've taken workshops, you've paid for lessons, you've gone to all the open mics and galleries in town. Maybe you've debuted your work at your local cafe.

It's smart to do all that, and it was useful because you learned how to be the badass artist that you are.

And it's gotten you this far.

So what now?

NOW You need a
performance coach.

Someone to call you out on your self-doubt and self-deprecation.

 Someone alongside you every step of the way
to create the infrastructure, build the muscle, and plan the actions 
to turn your dreams into reality.

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After years of hard work, my music career was taking off. I had an album on the way, dinner meetings with record labels, and a rock-steady band heading out on tour.

Everything was in the right place, except for one thing:

I told myself I was a failure and a fraud.

No matter what I accomplished, this mindset crippled my confidence and left me paralyzed and unable to write anything.

I just couldn't get it done.

This further validated how much of a failure and fraud I was, leaving me in a downward spiral. 

Outwardly, I was resigned and angry. 
But inside, I was heartbroken.

When I stopped pretending that I didn't want to change the world, I actually started to change the world. And I discovered that my humility was killing my dream and career.

And I only stopped pretending because of my performance coach made me, by being on the court with me every week and helping me discover the mission I'm on as an artist: to empower 2 million women with experiencing radical self love.

I couldn't do that by myself. I needed a performance coach, and you do too.


>> Create a crystal clear vision on who you are as an artist. You will get out of your head and make a difference in the real world with your art. No, you're not selfish. You are a visionary.

>> Get the glow. You know the glow - that one that says, "Yah, I know that I'm a powerhouse." You get that glow by consistently acting like the visionary that you are.

>> Complete projects, create teams, and book tours. In other words: you'll do what you say you wanna do. What you say, goes.

>> Be happier. Buh-bye, boring suffering. You don't get to be a tortured artist anymore. Think of all those hours of suffering you'll save each month!

>> Save time. Finish one project... two projects... even [GASP] THREE (!!!) projects a month that you're proud of.

Let me be clear: this is a breakthrough methodology on what it is to create.

Your artistry will be fierce, consistent, unique, and you will be unstoppable.

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Here's what you get:

  • 1 (60 minutes) Visionary Breakthrough Strategy Session

  • 7 (50 minutes) Creative Career Coaching Sessions

  • An action plan on YOUR specific results

  • Tools & templates I personally use for productivity and results

  • Email & text support (up to 1 hr/month)

  • Clearly documented homework assignments

  • Consistent, no-joke accountability

  • Recordings of all sessions

$300 month 
(with a 4 month commitment)

Pay $1100 in full and save $100

This is a
breakthrough approach to creating art

Rather than looking at the stuff you already know...

(music theory, chord progressions, technique, etc)

... our sessions will leave you in a new world of actually being:

  • in action

  • on fire

  • unstoppable 

around the dream career you say you want.

Self-doubt and fear will become a conversation you no longer indulge in.

Cool, right?! YES!

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who are ready to make big leaps in their creativity quickly.

Are you ready to be UNSTOPPABLe?

Here's how to get started:

1. First, fill out an application to apply for a breakthrough session.

2. If we are a fit, you’ll get an email to schedule our (no cost) initial breakthrough session so we can get to know each other, talk about what you're dealing with, and work out a time when we can both start depending on our schedules.

3. If we agree to move forward, we will get our coaching times on our calendars, work out payment, and help you with any technology we will be using.

4. You’ll fill out a no-stress intake form that will allow us to create your goals and measure your success.

5. We get started by doing our 60-minute visionary strategy session and get the creative ball rollin'.

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Saara is a brilliant songwriter -- but she's stopped by self-doubt.

It kills her creativity, and leaves her feeling helpless around moving her career forward.

When we first got on the phone, she felt imprisoned by her writing sessions. She hated them.

After 2 sessions with her, I received this email:


Allow me
to introduce myself...

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Hey there!



Every day, I'm helping songwriters kick self-doubt to the curb and discover their own daily creative process. I run an international songwriting school called Free Spirits Music. And as a singer/songwriter, I write songs about transformation.

But things weren't always easy.

When I started performing my own music, I really had it that I was a failure and a fraud.

Back in 2012, I was a living the life of a classic "starving artist." I lived paycheck to paycheck, playing dingy clubs at night and teaching lessons after-school. I was exhausted, burnt out, and cynical about music.

I criticized my own music constantly and never made it through completing an entire song.

I truly felt like nobody was listening.

I needed so much courage to wake up every day and keep writing music that touched and inspired people.

Most of all, I needed faith that I could make a difference on the planet. That making music wasn't 100% selfish. And it really felt like it was.

Then I performed in South Korea at an international United Nations Conference. Thousands of delegates, including the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, flooded the conference hall to discuss the 17 Global Goals:

No poverty (#1).

Zero hunger (#2).

Reduced inqualities (#10)

And while all these delegates wanted to change the world, they were struggling with changing themselves.

And that's what I write music about. I write music about transformation. And I saw how sharing my music with them actually inspired them enough to go make the tangible differences in the world -at a global level.

This is what I want for you. Maybe you're not interested in saving the world, but I'll bet your interested in changing lives with your music.

I want to teach you exactly how to do this.

But before we dive into all of the sacred songwriting sweetness, or even hacking away at your songs, I want to arm you with one simple tool that has transformed my career:


Get up every damn day with a mission to expand your career.

And now, I want to teach you to do it too.