We were invited to watch our friend’s daughter perform. I was not expecting to enjoy the show as much as in did. In fact, I was downright blown away. What Stephanie put together is exactly the kind of thing I hoped to see when I moved here. I actually haven’t been exposed to anything quite like it and I am so happy to finally have found it. Everything about what I saw touched my heart and filled me with inspiration.
— Tiffany, family friend of performer
"It can be a challenge to find an affordable activity that you can do with two children of different ages, but Stephanie's toddler music class has been a wonderful experience for my two boys ages 1 and 3.5. Stephanie does a great job of engaging all of the children - taking into consideration their individual ages and personalities (no small task!) while guiding them to a love of music and movement. I strongly feel that the weekly music class with Stephanie has helped my children make new friends as well as bond with one another and me.

- Nikki, fabulous mother of two children

My husband and I feel blown away what Stephanie has achieved - these kids adore her, everything was organized to perfection, and the talent was just mind blowing and heart warming. Our daughter is so happy and proud of herself. We had to hold back tears when she was on stage!
— Asli, incredible mother of two children
“Stephanie is not only an extreme talent and a wonderful person, but is innately enlightened on how to connect with kids – especially musical ones, which is a true art, in and of itself! My nephew has been very lucky to be with her three summers in a row! She is extraordinary!”

- Michel, caregiver to 13 year old

My daughter said she was shaking and so scared....but that after the second song she’s says she no longer has stage fright. Stephanie created a really nurturing, supportive environment and I could see all the kids were very comfortable and confident.
— Ellen, amazing mother to 10 year old
"Stephanie is a wonderfully talented musician and songwriter herself, so she intimately understands what is needed in the songwriting process. She is incredibly supportive and nurturing while providing excellent technique and structure.  My daughter has gained a lot of confidence and skills with her songwriting and always looks forward to working with Stephanie."

- Laura, Park Slope, Parent to 15 year old

“Working with Stephanie is a lot of fun for me. She helped me gain the skills to improve my voice and she also helped me gain the confidence to be a better performer. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed.”

- Sydney, student, 12 years old

“Stephanie gives great vocal techniques. Whenever I’m singing I always remember her advice and it helps me immensely.”

- Kevin, student, 16 years old

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