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make a living
teaching GUITAR to kids

and lead lucrative lessons
that your students love!


Welcome to an upgraded, beautiful way to teach little kids guitar
(and ukulele, too!).

Most guitar methods are really, really cruel. Wanna know why?

They make your students drudge through notes for months and months and nothing will DARE to sound good until they finally learn how to read music - but they never do. Instead, your students quit.

Not this time - because with this course, you're going to establish your own style.

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guitar LESSoNS = simple

Transform how you teach and lead with joy.

LEARN HOW keep your students deliriously happy.

You'll do this by being intentional, authentic, and specific - 
not by slapping together some guitar tabs or bar chords.


It's true. There's a lot of competition out there.

But because you've spent so much time becoming the badass musician that you are today, you are the perfect person to show little kids how they can literally light up their life with good music.

Some good news:

  • You don't have to read music
  • These 10-min lessons actually work
  • You get to work on your own songs, too

this course teaches you to:

Fill every single class with value

Get a list of approved instruments for each age group

Be a trustworthy teacher

Earn the exact amount per lesson that you deserve

Get kids to practice

Deliver clear instructions to non-musical parents

Sculpt flawless 10-min mini lessons

Get on a pre-schooler's level ready-made homework sheets and done-for-you lesson plans, all 100% free.

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This is designed for creative teachers like you.

In this free 7-day course, 
you'll get nuggets, gems, and tangible takeaways to bring to your classroom.

You see, you don't need a bachelor's degree
to teach guitar to pre-schoolers.

You just need to get creative, obsess with silliness, and grab Teach Guitar To Pre-Schoolers.

Sign up immediately if you're ready
to start teaching music lessons that make a real difference.