SUPERSTAR Songwriters Application Form

This isn’t just another extracurricular class.
This is where we build who they are in the world. Their identity.

To do this, we give our hearts to our students. We give consistency.
We are a safe place to become an artist.

This is the heart of our 9-month program. We welcome you.


To apply to Superstar Songwriters: fill out the following application. We review every application carefully to make sure each group is curated to every single child’s specific needs.

Upon completing your application: You have the optional choice to schedule a call with one of the creative directors. This is where you can get any further questions you have answered.

You can choose to NOT have a call and it will not reflect in any way on your application.

All applications are due by August 25. Classes will fill to capacity; we urge you to apply early.


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Your Child's Artistic Power
This is the heartbeat of the application. Please feel free to share as openly as you'd like -- and, we love concise answers!
Superstar Songwriters: Class Logistics
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We will happily offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the first day of class for every semester. After that, Free Spirits Music classes are a non-refundable investment. We trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision.