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The 60-day accountability course for getting unstuck,
ditching the self doubt, and falling in love with your muse


What if you were the kind of singer-songwriter that woke up every morning, brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and just wrote an album?

Here's a secret: you can.

(Quit rolling your eyes, you eye roller. You totally can.)

Does any of this sound familiar?

It's really hard to find the time to write. 

Between having a full-time job and balancing the other demands of your life, you just don't seem to have the bandwidth to write consistently.

You sometimes tend to forget that not every lyric is gonna be great. 

You throw away the lyrics that suck, and you think the good ones make you sound too pretentious. And even on your best days, you don't hate what you've ended up with on paper (which for you is actually quite positive!)

You don't write on days you're not inspired. 

Songwriting feels like a chore and you're waiting around for the inspiration to strike. In fact, you and your writer's block are BFFs, and you hang out... too much.

You lose motivation.

 You worry that there are just too many amazing singer/songwriters out there already. You find yourself asking, “How many breakup songs does the world reallyneed?” You’re worried your stuff won't make a different or cut through all the noise.

Am I preachin' the truth? Good. Then you're in the right spot.

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listen to it.

Let’s be honest:

Trying to write the “perfect song” is going to make you crazy.

But writing music every day, finding your own routine and structure to be brilliant…

that’s a dream come true.

And you can do it -

but you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.

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imagine a world where...

You can wake up and write a song in a single session -
and have the time to do it. 

You've become a master in creating your schedule instead of being at the effect of it.

Write quality lyrics that make a difference for people when they listen.

You have an entire toolbox of strategies to support your unique creative process. You have a commitment to your listeners and the confidence to create art that you know will impact that community.

Have quality music to pitch to the clubs, bars, and venues around the world that you want to perform in.

People see you as an musical leader and you wake up each morning knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Get this, friend --

You can have all of this by creating accountability for yourself.

I want to introduce to you my secret weapon...



This is an 8 week online bootcamp designed to extinguish your writer's block and get you writing brilliant music, in your own time and on your own terms.

"This has been truly amazing. I got so much more than I actually expected."

The best part about working with Stephanie was that she always saw the truth where I was at. She gave me so much space to grow and support to really get on this deeply. Really grounded, deep, embodied, truthful way of guiding me through this. 

The biggest impact our work together has had on me is that I am actually writing songs again, and writing them from a more honest place in me. 

It really took a long way to come to this point, to be humble enough to start writing from a completely new point of view, to surrender to the panic that the whole creative process gets going in me and be held in such a beautiful way. 

I said I would write 10 songs by the end of May (still a week to go) and I wrote 14!

- Saara Markkanen, singer/songwriter

Thank you so much Stephanie, this course has genuinely changed my life!

I didn't have a regular writing practice, my critical voice was so loud I basically stopped writing and started to build up a silent guilt around that. Feeling like a fraud, claiming that I'm a songwriting, whilst not writing any songs. 

After the course I've been feeling so empowered, productive and like a songwriter.I'm actually writing songs regularly! Woohoo! 

The best part about working with Stephanie was her complete understanding of every part of being an independent artist and the art of resistance. Her first-hand knowledge meant that she was able to see my blind spots and offer practical advice for me to work my way out of them. 

The biggest impact our work together has had on me is that I understand my purpose as an artist and songwriter and because of that I feel continually inspired to write and to share my music with others. 

-Ayanna Witter-Johnson, singer/songwriter

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