Mini Singer/Songwriters in rehearsal getting ready to practice on the microphones.

7 minutes - Tune Up

  • Sit in a circle and tune each instrument with each child
  • Together we strum each string one at a time
    • Ukulele players sing tuning song: GCEA
    • Guitars players sing tuning song: EADGBE

8 minutes – Guitar/Ukulele Love

  • Ask, "What do you remember from last week?" Allow students to work together to recall which song we worked on. If anyone practiced at home, allow them to perform it for the rest of the band.
  • Review how to "press and pluck" the strings: practice pressing and plucking each sticker: pink, blue, green, purple, yellow. Who can make sounds the loudest?!
  • Put a new color on one fret for a one-fingered C chord. Practice strumming.
  • Place guitars in the "Parking Lot," away from our circle.


10-15 minutes - Original Song – Opposites Are Fun

Ask again, "What do you remember from last week?" Allow the students to work together to recall the different parts of our song. Are there names for the different parts? Which part is the verse? Which part is the chorus?

  • Set up microphones for each child
  • If the verse and chorus are complete, introduce the concepts of “opposites.” Ex: If our song is about ice cream, let's talk about vegetables in the second part. It could make this song interesting.
  • Each child thinks of their favorite candy and their favorite vegetable. We come up with a rhyme for both and that short sentence becomes their "solo" in the song

5 minutes – Drum Time!

  • Each room is equipped with a full drum kit. We will learn each part over the course of the semester.
  • Start with three different parts of the drum kit: snare, hi hat, tom
  •  When you get the "magic drumstick" it is your turn to practice hitting each one in a special rhythm

7 minutes – Pack up/wrap up

  • 1 minute freeze dance
  • Sing our Goodbye song
  • Pack up instrument to get a sticker