Sample Syllabus from May 3, 2014 (Class 15 of 18) 

Today's Goal: Sculpting Individual Songs & Rehearsing Group Song

1:30-1:40pm Share At-Home Work

  • Each student shares what he/she practiced that week
  • This week’s treat for a filled reward chart: temporary tattoos
  • Assistant teacher tunes guitars

1:45-2:00pm Guitar Love Pt 1: Pentatonic Solo work

  • Break into 2 groups
  • Work on E minor pentatonic solos: pick technique, fret memorization, rhythms, notes.
  • May watch Vimeo videos as a reminder (each student receives personalized video of their scale work, posted on Vimeo on a private/password-protected channel)

2:00-2:05 Snack break

2:05-2:45 Group Performance Practice + Duet Songs

  •  Room A  - Practice Group Song (5 of 6 Children)
  • Review rhythm guitar part – should all sound like one guitar if we are playing the same rhythm
  • Review finger placement on E and A chords
  • Practice microphone technique
  • Practice singing our parts on a melody instead of talking them
  • Practice timing of when to start and stop singing
  • Order of solos will match order of vocal parts


  • Room B – Practice Individual Songs (One-on-one coaching)
  • Pull children out individually to write a verse and a chorus of their own song.
  • Each child is encouraged to each write a lyrical part on their own, bring it to class, and we write the music together.
  • Objective is to get a verse, chorus, and leave with a home practice video.
  • Use Em Cmaj7 Gsus chord tree OR Em Asus Dmaj7 chord tree.

 2:45-2:50 Review At Home Work

  • Make sure each child knows exactly what to practice that week. Provide a checklist for 10 minutes of practice each day.

2:50-3pm – Wrap Up/Pack Up