you & your kid can


This 45-minute class helps parents find power in teaching their kid play the guitar or ukulele.

How? By actually learning alongside them. For kids ages 3-6.

Pre-Schoolers Play Guitar shares our very best teaching strategies, so that you can stop throwing every idea at the wall and instead, be effective with your children -- without paying a guitar teacher, and with good music.

We'll show you how to use colored stickers along the fretboard to get any kid playing a single-note melody in 10 minutes or less.

We mean it when we say: 

We've made the guitar (and uke!) accessible to everyone - even you, you rockstar parent, you.

Dates + Location

Sunday October 16 | 12:15PM | $10
Sunday November 13 | 12:15PM | $10
Sunday December 11 | 12:15PM | $10

Complete Music Studios, 227 St Marks Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

In this 45-minute class, you and your child will:

- Learn 1-2 songs on the guitar or ukulele using our proven sticker method: "We Will Rock You" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

- Write a song, discovering not only rhyme scheme and form but also how to be unconstrained in sharing what matters to you

- Perform on the microphones in our professional rehearsal studio

- Make your own guitar pick

- Take home a practice plan you can use again & again


Each class is limited to six families.