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Weekly Songwriting Classes in Prospect Heights
Spring Semester Starts February 2
Saturdays @ 10:15AM || Sundays @ 11:30AM


YOUR KID DESERVES A breakthrough in confidence.


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Write and perform original songs

Kids perform their all-original music with their band. Hop on the mic and strum along with easy-to-learn chords.

use colors to Learn guitar or uke in 10 min

Learn songs quickly like "Twinkle Twinkle" and "We Will Rock You" by putting stickers on the fretboard.

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Extinguish shyness, self-doubt, and stage fright by chanting empowering affirmations every week.


  • Let Shyness Disappear Write songs (not-so-secretly anymore!) with a band and fall in love with being a rockstar.

  • Discover A Lifetime Of Confidence Learn how to sing & play an instrument -- starting from nothing, to being on a stage, in 4 months.

  • Know What Your Kids Are Learning Parents receive a weekly wrap up via email after every single class with at-home practice guides.

  • Culminates In A Magical & Exclusive Capstone Event Celebrate our original songs and inner power at two family-friendly events throughout the year.

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“I love the stickers for the guitar! Genius!”

- Keisha Husbands (Pepper’s mom)

Class dates + times

this is a 45 minute drop-off class


SATURDAYS @ 10:15 - 11 A.M.

SPRING 2019 SCHEDULE (13 Sessions)
Feb 2, 9 || Mar 2, 16, 23, 30
Apr 6, 27 || May 4, 18 || Jun 1, 15

Annual Rock Show: June 8 @ Shapeshifter Lab, Park Slope

Taught by: Caroline Getz and Sam Decker


SUNDAYS @ 11:30-12:15 P.M.

SPRING 2019 SCHEDULE (13 Sessions)
Feb 3, 10 || Mar 3, 17, 24, 31
Apr 7, 28 || May 5, 19 || Jun 2, 9

Annual Rock Show: June 8 @ Shapeshifter Lab, Park Slope

Taught by: Stephanie Carlin, Caroline Getz & Sam Decker


Classes meet weekly at Complete Music Studios


Complete Music Studios
227 St Marks Ave
(between Vanderbilt and Underhill Aves) 
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Equipped with a relaxing waiting room and multiple restroom facilities, Complete Music Studios often has a place to park the scooters and strollers.

You can usually catch a superstar rehearsing here for shows at Barclays Center and BAM. 

Nearby trains: Q train to 7th Ave, 2/3 trains to Grand Army Plaza, C train to Clinton-Washington
Nearby buses: B41, B69, B67, B45



Spring Tuition Includes:

  • 13 Weeks of Small Group Classes

  • Perform at our Annual June Rock Show

  • Live Studio Recording of 1 Group Song

  • All copyright/distribution fees associated with the U.S. Copyright Office, Spotify, and Apple Music ($250 value)

  • Professionally Filmed & Edited Music Videos of The Live June Rock Show

  • 1 Makeup Class

  • 2 tickets to our June rock show ($24 value)



Lifetime access to recorded video lessons ($197 value)

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Unlimited email support directly with teachers


No more than
6 kids per class, max.


for at-home practice

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teaching every class


sync to our class schedule





Write your big group song for the recording session!

Past hits include:

  • Anti-Trump anthem “Age Is Just A Number” I’ll get a new president when I’m 10 / I’ll be alive til the very end / I’m gonna vote when I’m 18 / I’m gonna vote in a voting machine

  • Confidence chant “Be Yourself” I’m strong mighty and confident / But I can be cool kind and shy / I have the power to turn the world upside down / And nothing is gonna stop me, nothing is gonna stop me"

  • Ode to “Watercolors” Watercolors on the paper spreading out for all you see / Buttercups & fairy creatures in my garden tapestry / Watercolors set me free, set me free

    ** Optional Add-On: Begin Your Private Lessons & Record Your Own Song! You'll receive a custom private lesson schedule before classes start, and you approve all the scheduled dates and times. These 5 lessons are not included in tuition (additional $500).



Schedule your recording session and get your music on Spotify & Apple Music. Listen to our students here:


MAY-JUNE 2019:


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“My daughter looked forward to every single session.”

- Sara Cangelosi, Assistant principal

Once you REGISTER, we'll take care of everything...

  • You’ll get an email in 15 minutes with calendar invites for the entire semester.

  • Figure out if you need the makeup classes included with tuition..

  • Plan to drop your child off at class and go relax with a latte across the street!

  • After every class, you’ll receive a Weekly Wrap Up the next day explaining what we did in class and how you can practice at home.



+ Stephanie Carlin

Hey there, I'm Stephanie. I am a singer-songwriter and the Founder of Free Spirits Music, and my mission is that every child gets that she is a powerful artist and her voice matters. I cannot wait to meet you.

Before I created Free Spirits Music I taught at a half-dozen music schools. The staff was underpaid and overworked. Classes were a beat up church or the basement of a school, with little to no aesthetic or equipment. Teachers did their best to squeak a couple chords out of the kids, but they had limited training on how to comfort, encourage, or nourish the profundities of their students' thoughts.

At Free Spirits Music, I've changed all that. Classes are taught in high-performing studios built for rockstars. We play rock shows with packed crowds overflowing with excitement. Every moment is action-packed with technique, power, and intimate support.

Over the past 6 years, I've supported over 1200 songwriters in dealing with self-doubt and being creative every day. I also get to write songs with children with cancer, and I have the warm support of Yoko Ono on that project. I'm an introduction leader at Landmark Worldwide and an Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner.


+Sam Decker

My name is Sam Decker, and as a versatile multi-instrumentalist, I perform and teach keyboard, drums, composition, and woodwinds.

Originally from the Chicago area, I attended New England Conservatory in Boston, where I studied with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Moses, Ken Radnofsky, John McNeil, Frank Carlberg, and Cecil McBee. I also studied contemporary classical composition and improvisation with Katarina Miljkovic. During my time at NEC, I was selected to perform with John Hollenbeck, Dave Holland, Jason Moran, Lee Konitz, and under Christian Wolff during residencies, and was featured on New England Conservatory’s Jazz 40th Anniversary CD.

I am a member of the band Green and Glass and I co lead the Decker/LoRe Quartet with Alex LoRe, which released its first EP in 2012. I'm also a part of the Logan Strohsal Group, and our first record Up Go We was recently released by Sunnyside Records.

I currently teach at the Woodside Music Studio in Park Ridge NJ and I am a Teaching Artist with Arts Connection. I am a proud member of the Free Spirits Music family.


+ Caroline Getz

Hello! I'm Caroline. I'm a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. I'm a big believer in the power of self-expression, and it is my joy to help others find their voices through song.

Outside of teaching, you can find me singing jazz standards and bossa nova at downtown venues such as Zinc Bar (I go by my middle name, Ambrose Getz), or catch my band, Hexual Ceiling, groovin' at places like Rockwood Music Hall and Pianos.

I'm excited to bring the creativity + thrill of making music to each and every person who walks through our studio doors. Can't wait to create with you!!


from LAST YEAR'S Mini Singer-Songwriters!

"AGE IS JUST A NUMBER" from the June 2017 Rock Show

"HALLOWEEN" from the January 2017 Rock Show

ANIMALS GO CUCKOO from the Jan 2017 Rock Show

FAIRIES AND DRAGONS from the June 2017 Rock Show

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 WITH 300+ kids
transforming their creative mindset and creating music on their terms...

you’ll be in great company.


TESTAMONIAL: Mark Kennedy, Journalist (Aidan's dad)

"He's learned to read music, play his guitar, explain chords, play live, teach his younger brother to play and become a happy, music-crazed member of society, appreciating everything from Motley Crue to Steely Dan.

Whatever happens in that studio room allows my son to express himself and feel confident. The patience and infectiousness of the teachers clearly rubs off. I love that there's no condescension and no limits. Plus, the songs are actually pretty catchy.

I would absolutely, totally, unequivocally recommend Free Spirits Music. I would say that watching my kid perform is an absolute gift, but watching Stephanie mouthing all the words for every performance in encouragement onstage beside them is what dedication and encouragement really looks like.

Please find a way to bottle this. Confidence onstage and creating with others transcends the music studio to touch every aspect of young people's' lives. I wish I had a class like this when I was young."


TESTAMONIAL: Ayla Daley, Real Estate Salesperson (Aliyah's mom)

"Oh gosh, I just love it. Seeing these young people being supported to create from their hearts and share it with the world is so amazing and truly such a wonderful gift.

So grateful to Free Spirits for the vision and creation of such a great program that supports the individual's voice and grateful as a parent to be able to offer it to Aliyah.

This year Aliyah had much more connection with the audience and was much less nervous. More confident overall. At times I noticed that she projected more than past years too. I also loved the cohesiveness and support she and her band members shared."

TESTAMONIAL: Lazette Lafontant, Willow's mom

"Willow would not let me hear or see the song  in advance so I had no idea that it would move me to tears.  It was AMAZING. 

The words, the melody, your harmony - I felt the song.  She was so nervous and I saw the moment she looked at you and got her confidence to belt out HER SONG!

I appreciate you and all you do for these children.  The space you give them to create is life changing. I listened to Willow's other performances and it is clear how much she has developed and grown under your direction."

Renee Rodriguez,
Roberto's mom


"Since joining Free Spirits Music, Roberto has had more comfort with singing and inventiveness. I really liked the colored dots for notes. I recommend Free Spirits Music because the focus is on love of music and confidence and not perfect playing."

Pam Schwadron,
Remi's mom


"I absolutely recommend Free Spirits Music. The best was the lack of pressure to be perfect at anything but instead just try. This worked for us!"

Keisha Husbands,
Pepper's mom


"I noticed a big difference in confidence level from the Fall to the Spring. I really like the wrap up emails and the audio/video to help her practice her songs at home. And I love the stickers for the guitar! Genius!"


+ What is your return policy?

Our classes are meticulously priced based on how many students we have. It's what keeps 6 kids/class and 2 teachers/class!

Half Year Tuition: We will happily offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the first day of class. After that, your tuition is a non-refundable investment. You may transfer it to another child at no additional cost. We trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision.

Full Year Tuition: Investing in an entire YEAR of weekend classes may feel risky, and we want you to feel so safe and taken care of:

The not-so-fine-print is that we work in a “semester” structure. If you reserve a spot for the full year, and then decide for whatever reason you don’t want to participate in the Spring Semester, we will give you the option to cancel your subscription. You’ll have that option until 3.5 weeks before the first class of the spring semester. After that, these programs are a non-refundable investment. It’s how we are able to offer small class sizes with many teachers. We trust you make a wise decision.

+ Will you feed my child?

It depends. Healthy snacks are given to students in any classes longer than 60 minutes. Please make sure your child is well fed before class - it will keep away the grumpies.

+ This seems expensive. Why should we do this instead of something cheaper?

You should always do what's best for your financial budget! We offer a high-value, high-quality learning experience. Our end-of-semester performance is superior to many music programs in NYC. All that being said, scholarships and payment plans are available!

+ We are going to miss a few classes. Can you pro-rate us?

Because keeping a small class size is important to us, we cannot offer pro-rated prices for missed classes. The tuition from every child is carefully calculated so that we can afford finest studios, concert halls, equipment, and staff. However, we offer a makeup class every semester, and we'd love to have you there.

Personal songs will be in 100% copyright to the child who wrote it, even if they had support from our staff in writing it. Right now, group songs will be copyright to Free Spirits Music, simply because we’re not able to manage the copyrights of 6 different people - it’s complex. The children will also be taught a step-by step walkthrough of how to copyright their song and why intellectual property is important.

+ What is the girl/boy ratio?

It varies every year. We really champion girls in music, and our classes show it! In the past, classes have been about 60% girls and 40% boys.

+ Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Every year we offer 4 partial scholarships and 1 full scholarship to families who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in our programs.

If you'd like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form here. Scholarship recipients will be notified in early September 2018.

+ Where is class located?

Complete Music Studios, 227 St Marks Ave, between Vanderbilt and Underhill Avenues in Prospect Heights. Next to Ample Hills Creamery.

+ How much one-on-one time does my child get with their teacher?

There are 2 teachers in every class, and classes are VERY personalized and custom-created to each child's individual needs. Private lessons are the perfect addition to these custom classes. Superstar Songwriters have lessons included in their tuition, and Mini Singer Songwriters can purchase a 5-pack. Lessons happen the same day as class, either before or after class time.

+ Is the Free Spirits Music community really all that and a bag of chips?

It really is! The Free Spirits Music community is one of the most vibrant, supportive communities you can possibly join.

It’s a safe place for your chld to explore their confidence blocks with no arrogance or judgemental people.

Everyone is rooting for their success. It's so special.

+ What should I do if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Email info@freespiritsmusic.com and we'll get you the answer!



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