How to raise
your creative child
as a soulful, fearless artist

Are you too busy to sift through masses of local classes to find the perfect program for your child?

Does your child thrive in a small workshop environment with time to ask questions, get 1-on-1 guidance, and lovingly pushed to be great by a no-BS mentor?

Are you afraid that you’ll always be nagging your child to practice music while the years continue to go by and what inspires them to be bold and take risks starts to slip away?

Then your child may be an ideal student at Free Spirits Music.

As you know, my genius lies in getting kids to discover their most authentic voice.

In our classes, shyness disappears. Confidence blossoms. Problems become opportunities. And we do this by writing really good music.

That’s why I’d like to personally invite your child to spend 14 weeks with me and my co-teachers Sam and Mel in a small group of like-minded students to support your children in turning their passion into long term success.

I know what it’s like…


A few short years ago, I was ready to throw in the towel as a musician.

I had convinced myself I was a fraud and a failure. Every day when I picked up my guitar, a nasty voice in my head told me, “You’re not the real deal.”

No matter how hard I resisted, that little voice stopped me from taking action and crippled my career.

Like your child (and maybe you, too), I had the dream of being able to just play.

I wanted to wake up and make music, and not have to worry about comparing myself to all the other singer/songwriters, rebel rock stars, gorgeous diva songstress that were better connected, better looking, and well, just better than me.

As you might know, I’ve made those dreams come true.

On my favorite mornings, I get to perform for packed yoga classes.

I write songs one-on-one with kids with cancer, and I have Yoko Ono’s endorsement on the project - it’s called the John Lennon Real Love Project™.

I make my own music, host songwriter meetups....

I am a demand that people see themselves as powerful.

And despite all the conventional stigmas, I still don’t believe in the “starving artist.”

I know your children can do anything they want with their lives - including be successful creators.

What exactly is this program?

Before I lay it all out there, I want to tell you how I started Free Spirits Music.

I used to work for 6 different music programs that, bless their souls, just couldn't get their sh*t together.

Dysfunctional classrooms, broken gear, underpaid staff... and not a single lesson plan in sight.

But this particular semester was completely exhausting. My bosses had no idea how to deal with the emotional side of music.

Think of the defeat you'd feel after bombing a solo, or the courage it takes to even take a solo.

After the semester ended, it became clear to me that there was a high demand for a rigorous musical training that also let kids know that it was okay to resist learning, struggle with the material, or be scared to perform.

So I sat down with my mentors and determined the most powerful effective way to deliver long lasting results in a more consistent format.

Free Spirits Music was born. 14 weeks of classes. Small groups. Legit pro gear.

The program focuses on 5 core elements:

  1. Quick, effective guitar or ukulele lessons
  2. A rigorous foundation of modern songwriting that actually means something
  3. Generating unstoppable confidence in small groups of 6
  4. Customized homework (or “wrap ups”) via email to help your kid practice
  5. A community of families and educators who care about good music, good people, and good vibes

Let me be clear: this is not your regular guitar class, and we are not your regular music teachers.

This is a whole new way to teach modern music, hand-crafted with love.

The entire focus is on YOUR CHILD.

Me, Mel, and Sam are here to guide them in overcome obstacles that show up everywhere - at school, with homework, chores, bullying, body image, self doubt.

This is for kids who who want an all access pass to how the professional music world really looks, plus a personalized focus on what YOU need to support them.

Here are a few results your child can expect to see:

  • Shyness, self-doubt, and stage fright are EXTINGUISHED (!!!) by leaving each week with a deep knowing that he/she is a creative person
  • Perform a mind-blowing, meaningful original song at our capstone rock show with a professional band
  • Practice at a fully-equipped rehearsal space in Prospect Heights
  • Learn chords, scales, and songs while getting freed up from the limiting belief that guitar is hard (it’s not, I swear!)
  • Resources, tools, and strategies to move the practice along at home
  • Friendships within our network of positive, like-minded kids

This is for parents who:

  • You’re looking for a relevant program that teaches how modern rock music gets made
  • Your kids music tastes are making you miserable and you want them to get something educational out of Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, and Frozen
  • You’re 100% committed to your child’s artistic endeavors, not just “trying it out”
  • You’re crystal clear that my, Sam, and Mel’s compassionate style is a match for you
  • You know that your kid's “inner game” is as important as chords and scales

This is not for parents who:

  • Want their child to only play guitar or only sing
  • Prefer traditional, Suzuki-style lessons or ancient folk songs
  • Don’t want to commit to long-term growth with a 14 week curriculium
  • Have a tendency to be negative or dramatic

When + Where

Our fall programs take place Sundays & Mondays beginning September 25 through mid-January.

Surrounded by Ample Hills ice cream, world class donuts, to-die-for coffeeshops, and one of BK’s oldest bookstores, our rehearsal space is in Prospect Heights, BK at Complete Music Studios, 227 St Marks Ave, between Vanderbilt and Underhill Aves.

(The first time we rehearsed here, Morrissey was renting out the top floor! He made the whole studio staff go vegan. They were not happy campers!!!!)


  • Sundays @ 10:15AM - Taught by Steph [SOLD OUT]
  • Sundays @ 10:15AM - Taught by Mel [5 SPOTS LEFT] Register Here
  • Sundays @ 11:15AM - Taught by Mel [3 SPOTS LEFTRegister Here
  • Mondays @ 3:45PM - Taught by Steph + Mel [5 SPOTS LEFT] Register Here


  • Sundays @ 1:30PM - Taught by Steph + Sam [2 SPOTS LEFT] Register Here
  • Mondays @ 4:30PM - Taught by Steph + Sam [2 SPOTS LEFT] Register Here


  • Sundays @ 11:15AM - Taught by Steph + Sam [3 SPOTS] Register Here
  • Thursdays @ 3:30PM - Taught by Steph + Sam [3 SPOTS] Register Here

Our rock show is on January 15 at Shapeshifter Lab in Park Slope.

But wait, there's more...

We know school just started, and guitars can be expensive.

So please take $50 off tuition - on us, when you pay in full! Just type the code 50BUCKSPLZ at checkout.

Oh, and you better share this discount with your friends ;)

Want to meet us first?

“Meet Your Teachers” Day is happening right at our studio on Sunday, September 18 2016 at 11:15AM.

Your kids can come meet us, get to see the space, make your own guitar pick, and even start writing a song.

To RSVP, just look for the "free class" section after you click your class here.

The not-so-fine-print:

We will happily offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the first day of class. After that, your tuition is a non-refundable investment. You may transfer it to another child at no additional cost. We trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision.

Thank you for your time and I can’t wait to see you on September 25!



PS - Classes are filling up quick, and we usually sell out. I urge you to go register your child for the class of your choiceClick here to do so it now.