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Free Spirits Songwriting wORKSHOP

For Ages 7-10
Only 12 spots available


it's time for a
in confidence.


wrIte your
own song
with POWER
and beauty.


  • Learn how to channel your energy into playing a beautiful musical instrument. Your choice - electric or acoustic guitar.
  • Write and perform your own song at our capstone rock show with a professional band
  • Perform another original song with your band
  • Extinguish the story of shyness, self-doubt, and stage fright by leaving each week with a deep knowing that you are a creative person whose thoughts, feelings, and ideas matter
  • Learn rockin' chord progressions and guitar solos, plus read guitar tablature (it's easier than you think)
  • Use lyrics in your verse, chorus, and bridge to write a MIND BLOWING story

  • Write meaningful lyrics inside the concepts of a verse, chorus, and bridge
  • Discover 3 brilliant ways to use rhyme scheme

  • Sing and play guitar at the same time (don't worry, you got the skillz)

  • Learn songs quickly by putting stickers on the fretboard
  • Sing your heart out at our state-of-the-art rehearsal space in Prospect Heights


Here's one parent's rave review:

Our 8 year old daughter has been learning guitar and songwriting with Free Spirits for 2 years, and class is the highlight of her week! We're nothing short of amazed at her confidence and skill on the guitar, plus her growing stage presence as she performs a new song in every show. Really can't recommend highly enough for both group and private lessons (we've done both).

- Daria, Brooklyn mom of 2 kids


Get our online practice hub
for Free Spirits Songwriting Workshop

FREE with your tuition.

This online course follows our curriculum in class and gives you a step-by-step guide to creating a daily practice routine at home.

Your child will earn songs they know and love
by artists like Michael Jackson, Adele, Taylor Swift, and others.

There are 14+ guitar tabs designed to elevate your child's: 

  • guitar technique
  • pick dexterity
  • reading skills
  • notation skills




1 - 2:30 P.M.

March 5-June 18
(no class 4/9, 4/16, 5/28)

Teachers: Sam Decker + Mel Johnston


4-5:30 P.M.

March 6-June 12
(no class 4/10, 4/17, 5/29)

Teachers: Steph Carlin + Grady Tesch

Performance: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Performance date, time, and location subject to change.
This is a 13 week semester. Classes are a 90-minute drop off class. 6 students per class.



Classes meet weekly at Complete Music Studios

Complete Music Studios
227 St Marks Ave
(between Vanderbilt and Underhill Aves) 
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Equipped with a relaxing waiting room and multiple restroom facilities, Complete Music Studios often has a place to park the scooters and strollers.

Enjoy one of the neighborhood's many cafes like Little Cupcake Bakeshop and Blue Marble, or grab homemade donuts across the street at R&D Foods. A scoop of ice cream is just next door at Ample Hills Creamery.


+ Stephanie Carlin

Hi! I'm Stephanie Carlin, and I am so damn committed to creating a world where kids can express themselves without getting derailed by fear or self-doubt.

This program a gift for the right child. It's not for everyone - just for the right people.

Before I founded Free Spirits Music I taught at countless music schools. The staff was underpaid and overworked. The locations were often a beat up church or the basement of a school, with little to no aesthetic or equipment. Teachers did their best to squeak a couple chords out of the kids, but they had limited training on how to comfort, encourage, or nourish the profundities of their students' thoughts.

At Free Spirits Music, I've changed all that.

My classes are taught in high-performing studios built for rockstars. I create rock shows with packed crowds overflowing with excitement. Our prices are higher than other studios because we offer a heightened experience. I pride myself on paying our music educators a competitive wage - something that is severely lacking in today's industry.

I stand for every child being fully self-expressed in their artistic spirit. I created Free Spirits Music to give voice to exactly that.

I cannot wait to meet you.

+Mel Johnston

My name is Mel Johnston and I'm a musician, writer, and educator based. I am committed to cultivating a love of music with my students that they will always carry with them.

The first song I can remember performing onstage was Frank Sinatra's "All the Way" at the age of six. From an even earlier age, though, I always had a love for singing and experimenting with my voice. As I grew older, I immersed myself in classical voice and music theory, skills that I use each day as a teacher, even if at the time I preferred belting my face off over the sounds of the rock and jazz bands I played with through high school and college.

While a student at New York University, I ditched my studies in classical voice in favor of studying literature and poetry, but still found myself making music every single day, on and off-campus. Now, as a teacher and performer, I've unified my deep loves of music and storytelling in order to empower the people I teach.

+Sam Decker

My name is Sam Decker, and as a versatile multi-instrumentalist, I perform and teach keyboard, drums, composition, and woodwinds.

Originally from the Chicago area, I attended New England Conservatory in Boston, where I studied with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Moses, Ken Radnofsky, John McNeil, Frank Carlberg, and Cecil McBee. I also studied contemporary classical composition and improvisation with Katarina Miljkovic. During my time at NEC, I was selected to perform with John Hollenbeck, Dave Holland, Jason Moran, Lee Konitz, and under Christian Wolff during residencies, and was featured on New England Conservatory’s Jazz 40th Anniversary CD.

I am a member of the band Green and Glass and I co lead the Decker/LoRe Quartet with Alex LoRe, which released its first EP in 2012. I'm also a part of the Logan Strohsal Group, and our first record Up Go We was recently released by Sunnyside Records.

I currently teach at the Woodside Music Studio in Park Ridge NJ and I am a Teaching Artist with Arts Connection. I am a proud member of the Free Spirits Music family.

WanNA try a FREE class?

Explore the studio, meet the teachers,
& start writing your song!

Saturday, February 11 @ 12:15PM
Monday, February 13 @ 5:00PM



Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is your return policy?

We will happily offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the first day of class. After that, your tuition is a non-refundable investment. You may transfer it to another child at no additional cost. We trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision.

+ Will you feed my child?

It depends. Healthy snacks are given to students in any classes longer than 45 minutes. Please make sure your child is well fed before class - it will keep away the grumpies.

+ This seems expensive. Why should we do this instead of something cheaper?

You should always do what's best for your financial budget! We offer a high-value, high-quality learning experience. Our end-of-semester performance is superior to many music programs in NYC. All that being said, scholarships and payment plans are available!

+ We are going to miss a few classes. Can you pro-rate us?

Because keeping a small class size is important to us, we cannot offer pro-rated prices for missed classes. The tuition from every child is carefully calculated so that we can afford finest studios, concert halls, equipment, and staff.

+ What is the girl/boy ratio?

It varies every year. In the past, classes have been about 70% girls and 30% boys.

+ Where is class located?

Complete Music Studios, 227 St Marks Ave, between Vanderbilt and Underhill Avenues in Prospect Heights. Next to Ample Hills Creamery.

+ How much one-on-one time does my child get with Stephanie?

There is no one-on-one component for ages 4-6. For ages 7+, each child gets a 10-20-minute private session with Stephanie to create his or her original song.

+ What should I do if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Email and we'll get you the answer!