Listen up, cuz I'm about to preach the truth: successful teachers know how much their time is worth. 

This is something I really sucked at for a long time: “Oh, but I don’t want to charge them too much. Oh, your kid’s sick? It’s OK, I won’t charge you. Oh, I travelled 45 minutes to your house and you forget we had a lesson? Shucks… Oh well! I understand.”

Those conversations - you know, where you’re a total pushover - leave you feeling passive aggressive, resentful, and short on cash each month. This stops today.

Deep down, you're not actually being nice and accommodating. What you're actually doing is beating around the bush. You’re lying. You’re not saying what needs to be said.


So here’s what you’re going to start doing: you’re going to tell the truth to yourself.

Use this free workbook to:

  • Figure out exactly how much you truly want to make every time you teach
  • Work less but make more by creating your dream teaching schedule
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