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I can help your child
be a rockstar...

...in less than 4 months.

Picture this: It’s another Wednesday night. You’ve gotten home and after a long day at work, you look inside the fridge and start asking yourself:

“What’s for dinner?”

You're tired. You're hungry. And you start thinking about your kids:

"Are they gonna do their homework?"
"Are they gonna get to bed?"
"Did they brush their teeth?"

And you find yourself so… overwhelmed. Exhausted, really.

If you stop and look back over the past week...

How much time do we really have to play with our children?

How much time do we really have to teach them something new
instead of worrying about the next practical thing? 

Clean their shoes. Put 'em to sleep. Wake up on time. What’s for lunch?

I don’t know about you, but my childhood wasn’t like that.

When I think about being a kid, I think about fun.

About playing outside. Catching fireflies.
Dancing to Led Zeppelin. Playing air guitar. Picking wildflowers.

But its so weird that in this world, the things you and I concern ourselves with...

...are all the practicalities.

I think practicalities are fine -- but they’re for adults.

Me, 6 years old, ready to rock with my killer axe.

Me, 6 years old, ready to rock with my killer axe.


It’s almost like our kids have their own little calendars, and they don’t even know their time has been budgeted BEFORE THEY EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE A CALENDAR (welcome to Brooklyn!!).

And I think kids should be having fun! 

Making smores and making mistakes. Painting pictures. Singing their heart out.

Kids should be being spontaneous and learning about what lights them up.

I worked with a young woman named Sara recently...

She has a 4 year old son named Tobin. He was a shy boy.

Tobin would come home and Sara would ask him “What’d you do at school today?”

And Tobin would kinda look down.

And she knows what he loves — movies, trucks, drawing... 

... but she couldn’t seem to get him out of his shell.

But there’s one thing that would ALWAYS get him excited. And that was music.

Whenever his favorite Beatles song came on, he was singing. He was dancing.

And she caught the glimmer in his eye.

If there’s one thing we know how to do as parents,
it’s nurture and encourage that glimmer.

I don’t know about you, but I wanna give my kid every advantage in the world.

And if there was something that lit them up, I’d do anything to feed that interest.

So Sara brought Tobin to swimming. He kiiinda liked it.

Took him to gymnastics. Wasn’t interested.

She kept looking like any good mom does, to find what would finally connect with him.

It all crystalized with her one day.

After all the hardship, after all his crankiness everyday, after hearing him say his favorite words for the one thousandth time (“MOM, I’M BORED!”), SHE FINALLY realized...

The one thing he loves is music.

And that’s when everything changed for Tobin.

Here's a pic of Tobin sitting shyly at our first lesson:


Here’s TOBIN performing HIS OWN SONG
in front of 60 kids and parents:


Look at his face. You can tell he’s never been more alive.

This is Tobin, and he’s part of Free Spirits Music’s kids programs.

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Saturday & sundays

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Superstar SongwriterS


Write & perform your personal song. Learn guitar, record in a professional studio, and release your songs on Spotify & iTunes.

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