# 3 - Make some lesson
plans before you start

Once you figure out which age group you want to work with, spend 5-10 minutes putting together a list of songs they'd be psyched to learn. 

You should do this before you get students, so you know exactly what you're going to bring to the table - and you can show it off to intrigued families, too.

It's so ridiculously awesome to be prepared, because then you won't freak out.

Don't you hate freaking out? Yeah, me too. So be prepared.

See, I love teaching pre-schoolers guitar, and the first song every student learns is "We Will Rock You," by Queen.

And I know exactly how I'm going to teach every single student, every single time.

We put colors on the fretboard and I give them a worksheet of colors, not numbers. 

Why? Cuz what 4 year old knows how to press the 6th fret of the 5th string? None. Nada. Zilch. I know how to speak their language.

In my free mini-course "Teach Guitar To Pre-Schoolers," I lay out this process step-by-step.

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Create a game plan.

Use the questions up at #1 as a guideline. But if you want help with this, you should definitely join my free masterclass where I'll walk you through each section, step-by-step, with a 10 page workbook (btw, this class is going to set you up to be a powerhouse teacher. I urge you to join us by clicking here).

Create your 3 Ps: patience, positivity, and passion.

Don't let your sneaky brain convince you that you have these things, You do.

Make your three lesson plans.

Be sure to make these lessons around which age group you pick. And if you're interested in teaching pre-schoolers to play guitar, I've got a kick-butt mini course available to you for free - just click here.

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