Things Successful Songwriters Never Do

Stop beating yourself up. Catch all your I can’ts and I won’ts before they send you into a downward spiral. Interrupt them with your vision: “The reason I am an artist is to…”

Stop going at this alone. Seek out the people who are better than you. Find a team. Quit telling yourself you’ll do it later. Start today. A great producer, coach, or co-writer can transform everything.

Stop waiting for “the perfect song.” It’s not there. At least, not if you’re looking for it. Focus on showing up to your art every damn day. She’ll wait for you there, in your consistency and loyalty.

Stop expecting it to be free. People who are better than you cost money. Quality products? They cost money. Put on your CEO hat and invest in yourself.

Stop messing around with money. You need a budget. CEOs approve budgets quarterly and annually. Make sure your next big project has a budget - there’s liberation in the numbers.

Stop being irresponsible with the power you have as an artist. Holy good god, you are so powerful. And I’ll bet you’re avoiding it. One person connected to their greatness is more empowered than millions who are not. Do whatever it takes to experience yourself as huge and glorious.


What are you interested in not doing in your career? What are you ready to give up? Tell us in the comments below.