These Kids Know Our World Needs To Change...

I know we’re both exhausted by the heartbreaking news shoved in our face lately. The assault on children, the assault on women, the assault on immigrants… it’s just too much.

At my darkest, I wonder:

Why do I get to have an amazing life when so many are suffering?

Not only the children in cages at the border, but the women I stand shoulder to shoulder with:

  • The girl who's scared to break up with her boyfriend (after all, he might get a little too angry)

  • The woman who can’t keep a relationship because deep down she resents herself

  • The chica who doesn’t know how to ask for what she needs - she doesn't think she deserves it

It’s moments like these when I realize: art is going to save us.

This Free Spirits Music band totally captured it in their song "There Is A Choice."

Read their lyrics:

We could all be together
But we choose to be apart
Harmony is our priority
And I think it's time to start

There is a choice / we have to make
To make the USA a better place
There is a choice / we have to make
It's not our place to separate

You can choose love and you won't be alone
A million people call the earth home
Treat each other with wisdom and love
And we'll all be together
As one
As one
As one

These are our Superstar Songwriters, and their song has been released around the world.

watch them perform it live
at their album release show:

This is what we want for your child:

The freedom to KNOW THEMSELVES as powerful artists whose voices matter.

Join us in raising the kind of children who are going to alter and elevate our planet.

They will do this by believing in themselves. They will do this by knowing their voices matter.

They will do this by learning to be big. They will do this in the face of their fears.

They will do this by becoming the artists of their dreams.


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