Learn This Song With Your Pre-Schooler (Like, Today!)


If there's anything that bothers me, it's getting frustrated when I'm trying to learn something new. 

I'm the kind of lady that likes to learn things INSTANTLY. And for a long time, that worked against me.

I wrote off so many things in life, claiming, "Oh, that's not for me," or "I'm no good at that."

Truth is, I was just terrified of failing. So I pretended I wasn't interested, but when I'm insightfully straight with myself... I know I really wanted to learn.

Dozens of parents have told me they feel that way about learning guitar or ukulele. I hear things like:

"Oh, I'm no good, I only know like, 3 chords."

"It just looks too confusing to me."

"Nothing sounds very good when I play it. I can't keep the damn thing in tune."

Flocks of parents telling me how terrible they are at guitar, and how they've always wanted to learn. 

So I decided to do something about it.

"Pre-Schoolers Play Guitar" is an online course for parents and kids to learn guitar (or ukulele!) together. My foolproof method has been proven with hundreds of children ages 3-6 and their parents. 

In lieu of the holiday season, I want to share a FREE PDF from the course with you...