A Song About How Hard Life Can Be...

It's so obvious to me how leadership gets created in a kid.

The end goal? Having the courage to say what you feel -- despite what others might think.

But that's not where it starts.

It starts with facing the fact that you might get laughed at. 

You might feel ashamed...

I mean, don't we go our WHOLE LIVES running AWAY from feeling shame?

You might be told you're wrong -- by a friend, an authority figure, or a troll on the internet.

Over time, all these things stifle our voice. 

It becomes too much effort to keep speaking up.

Our all original kids band The Fade wrote a song about how hard life can be:

It can be dark, it can be tough
It can be hard, to be enough
Lucky, lucky to live this life
Lucky, sharp as a golden knife
Your life, your life, your life

These are our Superstar Songwriters, and their song has been released around the world.

watch them perform it live
at their album release show:


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