2 Tips For Buying Your Pre-Schooler The Perfect Guitar

True life: Thom Yorke's guitar isn't built for a 4-year old.

Just for a minute, picture yourself going to an art class. You wouldn't bring your No. 2 pencils to a pastels class, right? No way, Jose - you need some pastels!

If you brought the wrong materials, it would be useless. Even though pastels and No. 2 pencils are related, they are used in two totally different settings, with two totally different methodologies.

The two art tools are just not the same thing. And the same goes for guitars. And this is exactly what young students (and their parents) do with their guitars. 

Puh-lease, plz plzzz.... don't let kids use instruments that are too big.

Don't just buy anything, thinking it will do.

A guitar that's too big ends up being too clunky in a pre-schooler's hands, and often the strings aren't soft enough for their fingers.

Then what happens? They get frustrated and quit. And that sucks.

Promise me: never let this happen again.

You are about to become the expert.

Starting today, you can make sure that your little one starts on the perfect-sized guitar for her.

Here are two HUGE tips that have helped me pick the perfect guitar for pre-schoolers:

Tip #1: Nylon strings are lighter than steel strings

For a child who's just starting out, it's best to get a nylon string guitar. It will keep your little rugrat's tiny fingers from hurting - just remember that most nylon string guitars don't have a bolt for a guitar strap.

Tip #2: 1/2 size guitars fit pre-schoolers the best

Anything bigger is going to be impossible for a little kid to maneuver. Her hand has to fit over the body of the guitar and under the neck. The smaller, the better.

I also have a list of my fave guitars for pre-schoolers - including my #1 choice that all my students use (bonus - it's less than $100!).

Steal my cheat sheet below and get the inside scoop!