2 Time Management Systems For Creative People (Digital AND Paper Planners!)

Big dreamers need big game plans, and I'm here to share with you the two tools that keep me grounded in my visions.

Next year's dreams, goals, milestones, and big accomplishments are waiting for you -- and I want you to accomplish all of them. 

These two tools are Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map Planner (which is great for people who like to write their life on paper) and Megan Minn's Asana HQ (for people who want to map out their projects and access them anywhere in the cloud).


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How To Make A Songwriting Schedule

I am a master procrastinator. Whenever I block out time to write music, it's like cleaning the bathroom floor suddenly becomes URGENT.

I'm on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor and thinking about the writing I'm not doing. And then I have to deal with that naggy little voice in the back of my head that whispers:

"You're no good, so why bother trying."

It's an old, familiar voice that's been around since piano lessons at the age of 9. And putting a songwriting structure in place that's juicy instead of demanding has made all the difference.

That's what I want to share with you on today's episode of "Songwriting Surgery: Deconstructing Your Terrible, Brilliant Creative Process."

After you watch, leave a comment on the video and share, in just a sentence or two:

What kind of routines do you have to keep yourself writing consistently?

You LOVE Your Writer's Block (Here's Why)

In this episode of "Songwriting Surgery: Deconstructing Your Terrible Brilliant Creative Process," I talk about why you secretly love your writer's block, and how it lets you off the hook form creating the music you truly want to make.

Take a listen to the episode and share in the comments: how do YOU handle your writer's block?

Freebies From This Episode:

Introducing Songwriting Surgery: My New YouTube Series

I am so, so excited to introduce you to my brand new YouTube series "Songwriting Surgery: Deconstructing Your Terrible, Brilliant Creative Process."

Watch the innaugural episode here:

Every Wednesday, I'll release a new episode teaching you how to feel creatively fulfilled as an artist, musician, or singer-songwriter.

Each episode offers little to-dos on the mystery of creativity for brilliant artists.

We'll talk about who you REALLY are as an artist: a fearless, powerhouse creator who is truly unstoppable.

Can't wait to hear your feedback. Love you lots.



Things Successful Songwriters Never Do

Things Successful Songwriters Never Do

Download your FREE Album Budgeting Planner ($15 value). I'm the kind of artist who HATES numbers... can you relate? I used to just kinda cross my fingers and hope for the best when it came to budgeting. But when you're planning an album, that DOES NOT WORK!! So I started getting serious about my numbers because I wanted to feel the freedom that comes with financial power.

How I Record My Albums For Only $600

I got really tired of saying, “I don’t have the cash for a studio album.”

All my friends were heading into the studio, crowdfunding $15k, $30k, $100k to make their dream albums with their dream producers. I had done that, but it created a lot of stress and anxiety that I wasn’t really willing to have again.

Honestly? I didn’t like the producer rushing me along with my vocal overdubs because we only had 48 hours left in our session. I like to go slow, and it doesn’t work to force magic.

And quite frankly? I didn’t care for the low hum of frustration that dripped off me every time we botched a take. “Time is money,” the asshole in my head gently whispered to me.

I thought big money meant a big studio with a big album and big success. But it was just a big headache.

While I won’t completely scratch it from my future plans, I decided I didn’t want to be held hostage to that ideology. Plenty of friends labored over building their lovely home studios, but I wasn’t looking for a project. I was looking for results.

So I built this simple home studio for myself for $600. And recording in it makes me feel so good.