And me? That’s exactly what I do.

I help you get freed up from your crazy self-doubt so you’re a creative machine.

(Seriously. It's driving you crazy, right?)

The Mission of Free Spirits Music

Free Spirits Music exists to empower and enable musical pioneers in radically altering the world.

We do this by writing authentic, radical, and beautiful music about the things people truly care about.

In any Free Spirits Music program, we promise to train you in:

Inspirational songwriting -  Being the kind of artist who moves and inspires people

Unstoppable Confidence - Having total faith in yourself to accomplish anything you want to

Ruthless compassion - Having total love & acceptance for yourself & the people around you

Fierce Talent - Being a confident, radiant rockstar who can perform in any situation

Artistic Leader - Able to create and manifest your visions with an action plan

Ooh! A few more things about me: