If you're here reading this, you (or someone you love, like your kid) are ready to make music with a real message.

I always hear parents, teachers, thought leaders, and Instagram goddesses raving about one whimsical nugget of wisdom: "Find your authentic voice."

But what does that even mean? You can't make yourself be authentic. That's like telling a teenage girl: "Just go find the man of your dreams!" No matter how badly she may want to, she needs to discover for herself what it means to get her heart broken, be vulnerable, develop strength, and love herself. 

The same goes for the creative process.

If you want to write more music than you've ever written before in your life, you have to be OK with failing and making crappy art.

How do I do that? Not by getting to the source of procrastination, shyness, and self doubt -- instead, by creating new approaches to how I deal with those areas.

And I’m about to do the same for you.