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Hi! I'm Stephanie,

and I'm here to help you ditch the "starving artist" vibes and start writing good music - every day.





A lot easier said than done sometimes, amirite?

I always hear Thought Leaders and Instagram Goddesses urging their huddled masses: 

"Find your authentic voice."

But what does that even mean? You can't make yourself be authentic.

That's like telling a teenage girl: "Just go find the man of your dreams!" No matter how badly she may want to, she needs to discover for herself what love is. And that journey includes what it means to get her heart broken, be vulnerable, develop strength, and above all, radically love herself. 

The same goes for the creative process.

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 If you want to write more music
than you've ever written before in your life,
you have to get OK with the journey.

The journey involves
a lot of failing, and making crappy art.

If you allow me to be your partner, we won't dissect and agonize over your procrastination, shyness, or self doubt. Rather, let's create new approaches, new pathways in the brain, to cultivating some mind blowing confidence and pretty incredible music.

Each and every artist leaves our programs knowing:

“I am an inspirational songwriter.”
Be the kind of artist who moves and inspires people

“I have unstoppable confidence.”
Have total faith in yourself to accomplish anything you want to

“I am allowed to make mistakes.”
Have total love + acceptance for yourself

If you'd like join me, I suggest starting with my free 7 Day Songwriting Challenge.


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Caroline Getz

Assistant Director
& Lead Teacher

Hello! I'm Caroline. I'm a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. I'm a big believer in the power of self-expression, and it is my joy to help others find their voices through song.

Outside of teaching, you can find me singing jazz standards and bossa nova at downtown venues such as Zinc Bar (I go by my middle name, Ambrose Getz), or catch my band, Hexual Ceiling, groovin' at places like Rockwood Music Hall and Pianos.

I'm excited to bring the creativity + thrill of making music to each and every person who walks through our studio doors. Can't wait to create with you!!



Director Of Private Lessons
& Lead Teacher

Hi I’m Sam, and I perform and teach keyboard, drums, composition, and woodwinds.

During my time at New England Conservatory in Boston, I was selected to perform with John Hollenbeck, Dave Holland, Jason Moran, Lee Konitz, and under Christian Wolff during residencies, and was featured on New England Conservatory’s Jazz 40th Anniversary CD.

I am a member of the band Green and Glass and I co lead the Decker/LoRe Quartet with Alex LoRe, which released its first EP in 2012. I'm also a part of the Logan Strohsal Group, and our first record Up Go We was recently released by Sunnyside Records.

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Here at Free Spirits Music, we are dedicated to helping artists create every day and produce life changing music that elevates the world.

And, we truly care about how you feel as you create it. 


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