The 30 Day Songwriting Challenge helps professional songwriters create and sustain a daily songwriting routine.

  • Stop getting derailed by distractions

  • End procrastination for good

  • Deal with your resistance to writing good music

This a free course
for aspiring and professional songwriters.

This course is appropriate for people of all ages.
Creative writers are welcome to join.

Every day you'll receive:

  • One focused songwriting prompt

  • 3 questions as a focus point to write creative lyrics

  • Encouragement to step outside the box of rules, regulations, proper syntax, standard rhyme scheme, common song forms, etc.

  • One-on-one support from me, Stephanie, available to you via email during the entire program

  • Access to our secret Facebook group, a tight- knit community of songwriters for you to share ideas and receive feedback

Each day, you will sit down and you will write. The first day will be 5 minutes. The 30th day will be 36 minutes. 

By the end of this free course, you will have a consistent writing routine.... and we will dance!!!

1 of the 30 songwriting prompts from the 30 Day Songwriting Challenge

1 of the 30 songwriting prompts from the 30 Day Songwriting Challenge

Here's what some of our participants have to say:

"The best thing is that songwriting doesn’t feel like a chore anymore (I’m studying music, so it can feel like homework sometimes).

It’s now something I look forward to every day, and when I missed a day I’m happy that I get to do two in a row. "

- Lisa, Singer/Songwriter

"This challenge was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my writer's block rut! There was some bumps and curves along the way, but that it what made it so satisfying once I did pen the right words to my thoughts.

What is so great about this challenge is that for some days, I wasn't writing about that day's challenge photo just once. I found myself writing two or three times about a concept I uncovered in the photo and I would get a different song each time I looked back on it. 

Thank you so much for creating this 30-day challenge, I hope for more in the future!"

- Kate, Singer/Songwriter